As of January 2013, 100% of Peg Neuhauser’s speaking fees will go directly the Doris A. Howell Foundation.

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Peg Neuhauser started PCN Associates in 1984 working as a business mediator, corporate culture consultant, and a speaker on burnout, conflict management, organizational culture, and coping with change.   She has worked with clients in many industries including health care, high tech, finance, and publishing.

As a speaker, she offers practical tips for action to increase collaboration in cross-functional teams, improve relationships among work colleagues, avoid burnout, and strengthening the organization’s culture to focus on its goals more effectively and create a healthy and motivating environment for employees.  Her stories, case examples, and humor illustrate each idea in a way that is both entertaining and easy to remember. 

All of Peg’s presentations are highly interactive unless the client specifically requests a one-way presentation from the podium.  She structures the presentations to include opportunities for the audience members to talk with each other and with her at intervals during the presentation rather than waiting for a traditional Q&A session at the end.  When the setting allows, she goes out into the audience to talk with them during those discussions.

Peg has written four books:
    Tribal Warfare in Organizations, HarperCollins
    Corporate Legends and Lore, McGraw-Hill, John Wiley & Sons
    I Should Be Burnt Out by Now, So How Come I’m Not?  John Wiley & Sons

I’m Still Working . . . But I’ve Retired from Making Money
The Howell Foundation does great work in the area of health research and education for women and their families
When I moved to San Diego in 2011, I joined the board of a foundation that does great work in the area of health research and education for women and their families.  Its founder Doris Howell MD has been a dear friend of mine for many years, and it was an honor to be invited to join the board of the foundation named for her.

As a Howell board member, I recommended the creation of a Howell Foundation Speakers Service.  Howell volunteers who speak as a representative of the foundation will donate their fees.  I also recommended that I go first.  So as of January 2013, all my speaking fees will go directly to the foundation through the newly created Howell Foundation Speakers Service.

I have had my business for 28 years.  I love my clients and the work.  I am in the fortunate position financially that I have enough.  From this point on, I would rather see the money I earn go to a good cause.

I have seen first hand that this foundation puts its money to great use in the promotion of better health for women and their entire families.  It will be exciting to know that your support of me will translate directly into support of this foundation’s work.

Peg Neuhauser


Peg Neuhauser is a speaker on the following topics:

Resolving Conflicts Among the Organizational Tribes
Building a Successful Corporate Culture
Practical Strategies for Your Organization's Culture
The New Normal . . .Rethinking the Way You Lead  
Moving On . . .Healing from the Turmoil and Adapting to the New Realities
Increasing Personal Happiness:  Current Resesearch and Practical Tools
I Should Be Burnt Out by Now . . . So How Come I'm Not?
Dealing with Difficult People

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