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Culture, Communications, and Burnout:

    The staff thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. It was pertinent and very timely.  Thanks again for your wonderful work. It truly made a difference for us.
    -From the Chief Nursing Office at UC Irvine Medical Center

Increasing Personal Happiness , 2013:

    Peg's presentation was wonderful.  She set the perfect tone for our group giving great information in a way that was also great fun.

Increasing Happiness Presentation, 2012:

    I loved the topic and format.  Appreciated the interactive elements. Peg Neuhauser’s delivery was excellent.   I liked the concept of personal choice to change one’s happiness and some key factors to use. Thought provoking. Great information. 

    Good ideas—practical suggestions.  It was a thoroughly positive experience.  Peg was very good. The handouts were excellent and helpful.  Interaction with tablemates was fun and enjoyable.

    Good topic.  Nice sharing of research and sharing it with the audience.  Great slides and variety of lecture/discussions. Thanks for the suggestions on things to try.  Specifics are helpful. Peg was animated, interesting, and informative.

    The presentation was very well organized and interesting.  Having a copy of the PowerPoint presentation to make notes on was helpful.  Peg was dynamic, enthusiastic, and interesting/interested.

    Peg was really great. Great sense of humor and gets the point across.  The print outs were easy to follow.  She stuck to the point and covered all the topics presented in the materials.

    Peg was dynamic and personable.  Practical suggestions for increasing happiness. She was very entertaining and made the material accessible. I liked the humor and the stories.

    The topic was great.   Useful tools for increasing happiness in my life. Loved the time in break out sessions to work through “personally what could I do?”  Excellent.  Loved the bibliography.  Thank you.

    Peg Neuhauser is a really, really good speaker.  A treat for my ears!

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